Out for a walk

This past week I decided to get some exercise and take a photo walk instead of eating lunch. I have been passing an interesting park up near ABCNJ’s offices for the last several years, and on Tuesday I decided to visit it at last.

Sayen Gardens is a splendid little botanical preserve in Hamilton Square, NJ. I took some time to stroll the gardens and capture photos of the beautiful scenery. When I turned to capture the flowers shown in the photo below, I actually noticed moths flocking to them to drink the nectar. There weren’t the most colorful creatures on the planet, but I’ve never before been able to capture such detail on an insect.

This was shot with my 40mm Prime, at 125 ISO, and an f-stop of 9.0. The shutter was 1/320 of a second.

A moth drinks some nectar

4 thoughts on “Out for a walk

  1. Are you sure that wasn’t a humming bird. They are the size of a large moth. Go back and shoot again

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    1. Pretty sure that’s a bug, dear. The six legs are a dead giveaway.

  2. I’m sorry I doubted you! Forgive me? I couldn’t see the legs in the photo.

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    1. There is nothing to forgive dear!

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