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The official trademark of Reading 1, PA is “Baseball USA.” It’s home to the Philadelphia Phillies AA minor league team, and I’ve been wanting to visit it for quite a few years. So when a friend of mine invited me to a game I jumped at the opportunity.

I’ve been to a few minor league parks, and the experience in them is wonderful, but each of these parks was built on a more recent model and look very similar. The park in Reading has been around for 50 years and, while it’s been updated over the years, is still very much a throw-back to the bygone era of minor league baseball.

Watching a Fightin’ Phils game is an intimate affair. The seats extremely close to the action, and the players actually walk through the concourse to reach the field. I took my 55-300mm lens with me to the game, but I was so close to the field I would have been better served by my 18-105mm!

Behind the first base line bleachers, the stadium has an area which feels more the the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore than a baseball park. It has an incredible number of concession available, and plenty of seating.

The right field bleachers actually contain a pool pavilion, which is one of the more modern additions. A picnic area is located along the 3rd base line, though no one was using it due to the heat 2. The blend new and old is wonderfully handled, and there ballpark evokes a real sense of history.

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend taking in a game here!

The Fightin's Play

  1. Pronounced, “Red-ing” 
  2. 97 degrees and high humidity. 


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