Yesterday a rather interesting.

Early weather reports called for major thunderstorms to move in over the course of the afternoon, which would have rained out my normal Saturday pool hours 1. So I drug my son out of bed, picked up two of his friends, and decided to hit the pool as it opened. The things appeared, I figured I’d get to go off the dive a couple of times 2, and read for a few minutes before a storm forced us to leave.

We ended up being there three hours. I actually got wet a few times, and read nearly three Chapters in the the second volume of McGuire’s The Philadelphia Campaign 3. After I dropped my son off at his friend’s, I grabbed a bite to eat and brought it home to enjoy as I took in some of the olympics. My daughter actually came down and we watched volleyball together for over an hour, after which I headed downstairs to exercise until the afternoon coverage came to it’s conclusion 4.

I worked on my worship slides for a bit, until I noticed the skies forming into a mix of drab grey cover, powerful white cotton balls, and ominous smokey storm clouds. I check the weather radar and found a line of thunderstorms looked as though it was going to crash upon us by crossing directly over the river. They looked pretty intense, so I grabbed my camera and ran across the street to my fellow “shutter hubby.” He was out back working on his backyard chimney and asked, “What’s up?”

I didn’t even take a breath as I blurted out, “A line of thunderstorms is about to cross the river, let’s go take pictures.”

“What lens to you have?” was his only reply 5.

Rainbow over the Delaware RiverBecause the storms were close, and looked pretty rough, we drove down to the river instead of walking 6. We set up in Palmyra Harbor and waited for the the weather.

The storms never came to us, but we could see them crossing both up and down stream. Then, as we watched the skies upriver, we saw a rainbow form right in front of our eyes.

This is what is known as “a good day.”


  1. I like to go after three when the crowds clear out and I don’t have to worry about sunscreen as much 
  2. And not get any credit for the exercise on my Apple Watch, darn it. 
  3. I’ll blog that experience on another date. 
  4. And I was still short calories in my movement circle… sigh. 
  5. Yes, we are people who run toward the imposing storm front. The pictures are too good to pass up. 
  6. Further reducing my calorie count, sigh.