The Lens Lives

This afternoon the part for my broken lens arrived and I promptly took it across the street to my neighbor so it could undergo surgery. I’m normally fascinated by such endeavors, as I love electronics, but the delicacy of the lens had me in a nervous sweat. I looked in on my friend’s work from time to time, and from what little I saw I realized I would have never attempted this on my own, tiny screws are not my friends.

I am happy to say the surgery was successful, and we took the lens out on a walk to make sure everything was working as it should. Thus far there are no problems!

The hero to the story is pictured below. This was the second image I took with lens after the surgery was over 1. The person in this photograph is my fellow “shutter hubby,” Mike. His Flickr profile can be found at this link. Check out his stuff, it’s quite good!

  1. The first was back-lit.