The Bell


On my reverse schedule day walk this past Thursday I was able to capture some photos which I greatly enjoyed developing in Lightroom. Perhaps my favorite image from the set is displayed below.

The combination of a totally overcast sky, early morning light, and the residual humidity from some cool morning showers combined to create a distinct light. As I developed the images in Lightroom I discovered how this light allowed the brown tones in the photos to be brought out, increasing both vibrancy and detail. I’ve found browns are among the more easily adjusted colors in my photos, but the color cast in this set of images seemed to make it even more so.

In the image below this combination allowed the rust in the old bell to rise to prominence in the frame. the result was so stunning I ended up not recovering the shadows as much as I might normally on such a photo. Keeping the deeper shadows added to this photo’s distinctiveness.

Nikon D7000 with 40mm ƒ2.8 prime lens
ISO 800
ƒ 2.8
1/30 sec