Morning Light

Yesterday morning I stepped out my front door on an unusually warm October morning, and stopped as I reached the end of my front walk. There, lit up brilliantly in the morning light, was the most brilliant orange tree I’ve seen this Fall season.

The angle of the Sun was perfect to isolate the tree from the shadows closer to the ground. I looked up at it for a heartbeat or two, and then immediately turned around to fetch my camera. Below is my favorite image from my brief photo shoot. The fence in the foreground provides a nice sense of scale.

Nikon d7000 with 40mm ƒ 2.8 prime
ISO 100
ƒ 2.8
1/640 sec


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. w1nt3l says:

    Our trees are changing all over where I am too. We’re just starting to get into the reds, orange was last week. Looking forward to the white stuff as some of my favorite pictures are of untouched and sunlit snow fields.

    1. wezlo says:

      Snow pics are fun. The FIRST time! After that it just makes me cranky.

      Thanks for your comment, though!

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