Unpacking Introductory AI

Here is where the fun begins. I remember when I first wrote this passage back in 2011, trying to figure out what sort of nonsense I could throw into the narrative. Let’s unpack.

Knocks which ring

Bug pounding on the door, only to produce the sound of a doorbell, is pretty much par of the course in Nobody’s world. If he can flip the universe on it’s head and make coffee flow from candy corn, he will. Actually, he’s tried that 1.

Bug’s declaration “I have no idea what he’s talking about” is actually a dig at me. I have no idea what “transforming bass into treble means,” either. It sounded good, and seemed to fit into the absurdity of this world.

The Gnome in Black

We’ll find out why Nobody wears all black soon. The mortarboard hat is of his own design because, “It just feel more academic, for some reason.” Bug left a prototype in the dormitory at a medieval university and graduates from higher education have had to endure it’s silliness ever since. Bug thinks this is funny because he is not a nice person. And, no, I have no idea how he landed in a medieval university. Please don’t ask me again.

The Internet

Of course the Internet is impossible. Which is why Nobody is shocked his unworkable model has leaked into reality. The fact the Internet actually exists shows how even Professor Cooly Nobody fully understands the power of imagination.

Applied Imagination

Applied Imagination is the practical outworking of The Applied Mathematical Principal of Imaginative Blathering 2. If you’ve ever met a small child who came up with a world changing idea, and then looked at you like you were a complete idiot for not immediately bringing it to fruition, you’ve seen the MaPoIB in action. Toddlers are mathematical geniuses, we mess that up by instinct with numbers.

As I have a teenage boy 3in the house, having a wireless game controller powered by frustration would save me a ton of money.

He keeps on using that word…

Nobody, a gnome who lives in a house filled with randomly merging models, uses the term “impossible” rather frequently. I’m not certain it means what he thinks it means 4.

Even someone who works in the mad science/art of Applied Imagination can be bogged down in “everybody knows it can’t be done” thinking. Nobody’s perfect 5.

Actualized people

We call that little drop “foreshadowing.”

The Narrator

I have to say, I have absolutely no idea where the idea of the Narrator came from. It suddenly sprang in my head one day to have a character who could break the page wall without getting in the way of the story. Eventually, this became a Narrator who tells readers to ignore him. I’d say you can’t make this stuff up, but I did. I guess that still means you can’t make this stuff up, because then it would be plagiarism.

The Prophets of Narration

How do you create a religion for a world born from absurdity? You create an absurd religion 6! The Prophets who have heard The Narrator are the ones who made the people of The Realm aware of other lands. Through their encouragement the peoples of The Realm travelled out from their land and began to trade with barbarian groups from far away, thus spreading the power of imagination far and wide. Cave paintings, “the one that got away” stories, and everything from comic books to mass market paperbacks are a result of their words 7.

And I love the idea of Woof the Terrible being an excellent conversationalist. I’ll have to write a short story about him sometime.

Fifty Peaks Mountains

Think about it, you’ll get it eventually. If you noticed, the MacGrubers are not native to the Fifty Peaks region.

Plan B

The whole “hitting Will in the head with a mallet thing isn’t as bad as it sounds. The mallet was cushioned and is designed to send someone into instant REM sleep.

Bug hits really hard, though.

The problem

The question is, “Why won’t Will’s world be around that long if he goes home?” We’ll find that out soon enough.

  1. Bug said it was too sweet. 
  2. MaPoIB, for short. 
  3. Homo Gamicus 
  4. I know, it’s inconceivable, but there it is. 
  5. Not even Nobody. 
  6. No, I do not think all religions are absurd, so there. 
  7. Sadly, Hollywood’s stopped listening.