The Survivor

Each year, on Black Friday, my son bugs my wife about putting up the Christmas Tree. My spouse adores decorating for Christmas so, each year, she complies 1. So in the evening my wife dug the tree and ornaments out of their slumber in the basement and we set the tree up in our living room.

As my kids were unpacking the ornaments they discovered one box was empty — a hallmark Rudolph ornament which we’d been unable to locate when we packed up the previous year. Figuring it had been lost, we stowed away the Christmas decorations without any further thought.

As the ornaments began to adorn the tree, however, my son called out, “I found Rudolph!” And, sure enough, there he was. The tiny ornament had been hanging on a lower branch of the tree — and survived all year stuffed in the tree bag without coming dislodged from it’s perch 2.

Impressed by this tiny survivor, I decided to capture his re-emergence with my camera.

A tiny Rudolph Christmas tree ornament.
Nikon D7000 with 40mm prime lens
ISO 100
ƒ 7.1
1.6 sec

  1. For the record, I personally dislike decorating for Christmas during Advent. I’d much rather decorate the tree, in particular, on Christmas Eve. But I’m not in charge of the decorating, and my family all thinks I’m a bit of a downer about this. I blame liturgy. 
  2. Yes, it’s an artificial tree. It’s also pre-lit. Remember, decorating for Christmas is not my thing. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    Instead of decorating with balls why not use your photos then it’s not Christmas balls it’s a photo tree.

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