Unpacking Clothed

This week’s passage was a bit of an interlude, but there are some fun personal tidbits I stuck in here. Let’s unpack.

Just watch your head

Ever seen Fellowship of the Ring? Yah, that’s what I had in mind. Poor Gandalf 1.

Fantasy Kingdom Showers

The Realm might be a “fantasy kingdom” of sorts, but they aren’t technologically backward. The idea of indoor plumbing had to come from somewhere, after all.

The city of Dryer is, by the way, the largest settlement of Darned Elves in The Realm. Keep thinking about their name and it’s relationship to the city name. You’ll get it eventually.

Second-hand Tidy-Whiteys

Some things are are the same no matter what realm in which you live. One of these is a familiarity with the under-garment known as “tidy whiteys.” I don’t know why this is so, it just is.

It’s War

This is the only big reveal in the scene. Will knew The Realm was at war. What he hadn’t known was Nobody’s role in the war effort. He’s actually an experimental munitions developer for The Realm’s armed forces. Will, showing much more sense than the people who run The Realm’s military, was utterly stunned someone would give a mandate to create weapons to a man who dabbles in applied imagination. He is, after all, a gnome who devised a game controller which is powered by frustration. What do you think his weapons will look like?

  1. Actually, the moment he hits the support beam was unscripted, but it got left in the final cut.