Unpacking Arsenal Reimagined

This was mostly a plot point scene, but there’s some interesting character reveals hidden in there as well. Let’s unpack.

Noodles and Cheese

Nobody ages his own cheese, and doesn’t put sauce on his noodles. Both of these traits spring from my own personality, which kinda reveals who my primary mirror is in this story.

While I don’t age my own cheese, I am an unapologetic cheese snob. I worked at a Farmer’s Market deli and cheese counter for five years when I was younger 1, which kinda ruined me to cheap cheese for life.

Throughout my childhood I never put sauce on noodles. I’d simply heap piles of parmesan cheese on the noodles, and would pretty much just eat the cheese. To this day I don’t much care for pasta in any form, the texture creeps me out. I also continue to have a rather distant relationship with spaghetti sauce 2. Interestingly enough, my son has inherited this behavior.

Nobody waxes philosophical

This might just look like a throwaway line, but it reveals something of Nobody’s understanding of The Realm. He says it’s the idea of Earth. While he is not an archetypalist 3, he does believe something about The Realm is key to the Earth’s existence. He’s actually right.

The Arsenal

Yup, Nobody is actually a defense contractor, and Sindy is ticked off this is so. She wasn’t kidding about the potential damage a bad applied imagination combination could do to the city when weapons were used as the primary elements. Creating game controllers and self-drying towels 4 is one thing, but weapons tended to explode.

Nobody had managed to create a shield for the city, however, and it came in handy several times. Despite his awareness that he’s not very socially apt, he is not uncaring.

Weapons confused with food

If you read the footnotes for “Arsenal Reimagined” you understand one of the combinations of merged weapons yielded a provolone cheesesteak “witout 5.” This is how I like my cheesesteaks. The artillery piece, apparently, managed to transform every cheese into “wiz,” which is a travesty Philadelphian only inflict on tourists.

Apparently, while the use of applied imagination to create individual weapons can be rather volatile, when weapons are combined they always yield food. Bug’s gained 30 pounds in the last 18 months because he figured out how to make a full thanksgiving dinner by combining some CAD ammunition, an injunction disruption field, and duct tape.


I cut my teeth on computers using Linux, so the free software movement means a great deal to me, as does it’s cousins in the fair use and creative commons communities. I have no great beef with copyright and patents. When they’re used as a sledgehammer to destroy someone else’s hard work, simply because you have the money to quash someone who threatens a hegemony, I grow very anxious. That’s really the point of this story. Imagination should be free. It has to respect other’s creations, but neither should it be chained down to some faceless corporate profit motive.

The Hoard of Copyright Lawyers 6has one goal, the total domination of imagination for the benefit of their bottom line.

  1. Four years of college, and one year after. 
  2. Or, for my South Philly friends, “Gravy.” 
  3. This sect of Narrativism believes all the beings of The Realm are archetypes for things which exist in the real world. 
  4. Sadly, Will never got to see these. 
  5. No Onions. 
  6. This is a breakaway sect of the Inter-Actualized Legion of Copyright Lawyers. This group was meant to police and manage trade between actualized lands, and mostly still does just this. The group attacking The Realm can’t accept it’s not just another actualized region. They see it as a renegade narrative.