Unpacking Something Happens

The story up to this point has been fun, but hasn’t answered a rather important question. Why is Will so special? Now we begin to see.

The Last Debacle

The Mark VI was Nobody’s first attempt to power a motored transport with an “Applied Imagination Battery.” Theoretically this battery could have lasted for several months in the field before needing to be serviced, powered by exaggeration. Sadly, when deployed the batteries tended to explode.

They were over charging.

The Mark VII’s have added a dispersal valve, which also dispenses hot water. The armed forces love how convenient it makes brewing coffee.


Encounters with Special Projects Lawyers have been on the increase lately, which is why Barker misjudged the situation. Previous attacks would be hit and run, and the attackers never had the numbers to pose a threat on two fronts convincingly. Somehow, reinforcements are getting through.

A C&D?

A Cease and Desist rocket. Look, I don’t make up the names, I just report them.

Nobody’s Business

The lawyers should not know Nobody was with the convoy. They really shouldn’t even know his name. It looks as though The Realm’s Counter intelligence work isn’t going well.

The Something

Come on, should it come as a shock Will can’t be hurt by weapons specifically designed to harm imaginary beings? He’s a real person 1.

Whoever was in command of the brigade recognized what had happened and pulled his troops out of action rather than push Will further.

Unfortunately, they now know Will exists. This could pose problems.


What do you expect lawyers to wear as a uniform? Of course, these well-tailored suits come in various camouflage patterns.

Yup, the “horde” is all wearing suits.

  1. At least, in my imaginary story he is. It’s difficult to keep it straight.