A Little Place Called Allentown

Last Saturday my wife and I travelled to one of our ABCNJ churches to support their fund raising efforts on behalf of our region’s camp.

The church is located in Allentown, NJ, which is a locale to which I’ve never travelled 1. I am grateful to have this omission rectified!

Allentown is an absolutely stunning setting, and arriving on an unseasonably warm day only added to its charm. As we passed through town on the way to the church my wife and I determined to stop on the way back. We were rewarded with an old mill complex which had been transformed into a set of crafty shops, as well as an excellent coffee house. The old mill pond and spillway is still present, and there is a park with trails upon which to venture. When Spring comes in force, I’m grabbing my camera and heading up again!

The Old Mill in Allentown, NJ
iPhone 6s Plus
ISO 25

  1. Despite sharing my last name with the town.