Spring In My Step

Today is the first day of spring, so I decided to head out on the town with a new lens 1.

A few months ago my neighbor picked up an old Quantaray 28-92mm AF lens. Unfortunately, when I mounted it on my Nikon I got the dreaded “fee” error. The lens has a manual aperture ring, and is supposed to be compatable with my Nikon D7000 when it’s locked in its lowest aperture setting, but I could never get it to work.

On Saturday, I found the setting to allow the camera to use the aperture ring, which suddenly made this lens useable in Manual or Aperture Priority modes. The aperture isn’t reported correctly on my camera 2, so my light meter is off, but I’ve become generally conscious of what the settings should be in a given situation.

I quite like the lens. The autofocus is extremely fast, and the minimum focal distance is insanely short 3. It’s also lighter than any of my other telephoto lenses. My only knock at the moment is the tendency for the aperture ring to move as I walk. I wanted to “f8 and be there” this afternoon, but several times the ring had switched to another setting without my knowledge.

I hope to figure out how to get this lens fully functioning with my camera in the near future, but even in its slightly wounded state I’m very fond of its results! As an added benefit, this is an old film lens — so it’s fully compatible with a full frame sensor!

I love this image because of the seasonal contrast it depicts. The snow is melting, giving way to newly wakened grass.

A bit of snow holds out against Spring.
Nikon D7000 with 28-92mm Quantaray AF lens
ISO 400
1/2500 sec

  1. To me, anyway. 
  2. f8 shows up as f16, for example 
  3. Though this is not a macro lens.