Unpacking In Transit


I realized I had to give a bit of a glimpse into the turmoil into which the recent attack threw The Empty Throne. So that’s what this week covered. We’ll meet the General next week. Let’s unpack.

Increased security

The Realm’s security was rather lax prior to the detonation, even though the nation was at war. The IBI was furious at this state of affairs, as was the military, but the Governors wouldn’t authorize the budget for a greater security apparatus.

This has now changed. Not only has security been ratcheted up throughout The Realm, the population is now suffering from paranoia about the next saboteur. They have good reason to be fearful, the Horde has been recruiting agents for quite some time without much opposition. Every agent with an injunction weapon in the city is now hunting Will and his friends.

Why would people from The Realm throw in with the horde? A few reasons. Fear was a huge motivator, and threatening someone’s family with the horror of fading has been a favorite recruiting tactic. Many joined out of disillusionment, having become jaded by a perceived lack of true narration. These people see the Horde as an opportunity to start fresh.

Sills was wrong, though, the hospital was not compromised.

On Marriage

The narrator is absolutely correct about marriage, it makes people weird. And this is a great thing. I highly recommend.

And I’m pretty sure I’ve been called an idiot as a term of endearment.


What good is having special agents all over the place if you can’t give people cool code names?

Will has become a high priority security concern for The Realm, which has afforded him the opportunity to be given his code name. Nobody also has one, It’s “airhead.” It’s unfair because he’s anything but an air head, but being misunderstood is the price of genius.

A Bit Elvish

That elvish voice is, indeed, Fineflin. Grimby loves getting them assigned to storm drain duty because it gets dirt under the elf’s fingernails. Fineflin will spend the next four days trying to scrub all the dirt away, and Grimby will take the time to catch up on his sleep.