Ducks Up High

“Wake up, there’s some ducks on the church roof.”

This was the sentence which woke me out of slumber this morning. As I wiped the morning groggies from my eyes I rolled over and pushed back the curtain. Sure enough there were two ducks perched on top of Central’s bell tower. As Monday is my final day of vacation before returning to work, I then rolled back over and shut my eyes to catch a few more minutes of sleep. At which point my inner photographer began screaming at me to wake up because there were ducks perched on the church’s bell tower.

Heeding the urgency of my hobbyist psyche I rolled of bed and managed to switch lenses on my camera before grabbing some shots. My wife didn’t even make fun of me when I pulled down a window to get a clearer image 1. These aren’t the best images I’ve ever taken. I was only semi-conscious so I had to crop the photo heavily in order to straighten it. The grey clouds also provided far too much backlighting, so the details aren’t as nice as I’d like. On the other hand, I got some photos of a rather unusual occurrence.

It also left me wondering. Duck’s aren’t really “perching” birds, so what led them to move up so high?

A mated pair of ducks, perched on Central's bell tower
Nikon D7000 with 55-300mm lens
ISO 1000
300mm (significantly cropped)
1/160 sec

  1. She later explained this was because she’d woken me up to point out the birds, and therefor felt responsible for my behavior.