Unpacking Caught In The Middle

I find action to be a difficult style to write. Keeping track different moving pieces, in a way which makes both geographic and narrative sense, is something I find challenging. Let’s unpack my most recent attempt.

Bug Takes Charge

Bug is often depicted as little more than a bumbling husband, but there’s a lot more to him that that. There’s a reason why he was given permission to be Nobody’s assistant by the Ordinance Board. He was a sergeant when he served in the Military, and was trained how to react in situations like the ambush in which he found himself. The reason the soldiers in the other vehicles didn’t know how to react is because many of them were new recruits – the veterans are currently being rallied around The Empty Throne and no one thought the Horde had enough strength to come in-between Boarsblemish and the Throne in any kind of strength.

Bug saw an authority vacuum and filled it. Watch for him to continue growing.

Sindy’s Poke

Sindy and Bug compliment one another because they are both able to see though the clutter of a situation and ask the questions which need to be asked. Sindy had seen the Narrator come to Will’s aid in the past, and she expected it to happen again. Her poke gave the Narrator the mental space in Will’s head he needed to communicate. For a good part of the Narrative, she’s been caught inside larger power structures which didn’t afford her the opportunity to exercise her particular gifts. Now that these structures are collapsing around her, watch Sindy rise.

Fashion Advice

Elves really are that weird. What Fineflin shouted at the encroaching lawyers was the worst insult he could come up with.

The Second Wave

There were supposed to be two prongs to the attack, but the troops sent across the highway were met by the remnants of the First Guards and routed. Had they be in position, the convoy would have certainly been destroyed.

So from whence did the First Guards come? They had been protecting the communications towers outside Boarsblemish, but were forced to retreat from their positions. This allowed the Horde to destroy the towers, but the Guards refused to abandon the field. When they saw troops getting into position for an ambush, they determined to disrupt the enemy’s plan.

Wheel One

Sadly, none of these brave souls survived the battle. The Horde is being merciless with hostiles. Bug will never forgive himself for ordering them to their deaths. But had they not slowed down the pursuit, and drawn enemy fire, the transports which escaped wouldn’t have had a chance.

Satire this story might be, but it’s also a war. War is ugly, and I have no wish to paint it any other way.