Living and Loving Donuts

A dozen beautiful donuts.Several weeks ago Palmyra’s social media chatter was abuzz with a new topic. A new donut shop was opening up in town.

This is the type of news of which small towns are made.

What’s the big deal about a new donut shop? What sets Live Love Donuts apart is their philosophy. While there are some simple donuts kept up at the counter for a quick fix, the majority of their orders are prepared after they are submitted. This means there is a bit of a wait for the product to be ready, but the pause is not to the point of being annoying. I entered the shop during an after school rush, filled out an order slip, then waited only a few minutes to submit my order and have my dozen donuts handed to me. This might put off some customers who are convinced waiting for quality isn’t worth the trade-off of saving five minutes. But, frankly, those people deserve to eat stale conveyor belt donuts.

The quality of Live Love Donuts product is evident even before the circular delights are devoured. When I was handed my dozen donuts they were’t warm, they were hot — I had to shift my hold on the box in order to carry them back to the car! At that moment I knew I was in for a unique experience.

A hot donut is promising beginning, but the truth of any food stuff in in the tasting. So, after returning home, I selected two of my chosen varieties to sample — a peanut butter cup and a salted caramel. Both were in a state of hot gooey perfection, so much so I was forced to ingest my treats by use of a fork 1.

The peanut butter cup was covered eponymous chips over chocolate frosting, and was delicious. The heat of the donut had even caused many of the chips to become soft, which blended them into the frosting. This was the type of donut for which the food was invented. The flavors were balanced, the cake had a slight crisp to it, and it was engineered to be paired with a glass of cold milk.

The salted caramel was a bit of a mixed bag. Creating a suitable balance between salt and sweet taste-profiles is difficult to pull off. While the taste of the caramel was noticeable as I ate my selection, I found the sweet was often over-powered by the salt. When 2 I order this variety again I’ll ask for less salt to be added.

If you’re in the Palmyra area, or just passing through, Live Love Donuts is worth a shot. Service is excellent, the products are creative and well-crafted, and you may never eat a donut which is as fresh. This is just what Palmyra needs.

  1. I hate sticky fingers. My wife makes fun of me all the time regarding this character defect. 
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