Musing My Online Photo Future

My year-long subscription to SmugMug is just about up, and I’m pondering how I want to proceed with sharing my photos online in the future. At this point I’m musing three options.

Ocean’s Edge

I took this photo at last week’s ABCNJ Annual Session. It was a great day, and when I spotted two of my friends chatting along the ocean promenade I hurried over and framed them for a photograph.

Old Barn

A few miles from my house stands an old stone barn. For years this structure fascinated me, standing alone in a field and visited by the occasional wedding party, but I was never able to find time to explore it for myself.

Fiction Tuesday – Coronation

It took about two weeks to prepare the coronation ceremony. Road and rail were clogged with a combination of dignitaries, returning refugees, and tourists — which compounded the organizational difficulties.

Taking A Knee

Last week President Trump decided to seek some attention by referring to Colin Kaepernick a “son of a bitch” for kneeling during the National Anthem, and calling for other players to either be forced to stand or fired.