I’m a bit tired of reality at the moment.

Unpacking Aftermath

Wars are usually told as the stories of victors and losers and battles. I wanted to tell a story of war from the perspectives of the displaced and suffering. Even if it was in a satire.

Fiction Tuesday – Aftermath

There was a battle, but Will wasn’t there. After Fictive Kindle escaped with the survivors of his assault team, Attorney General Herald ruled in favor of The Realm and affirmed it was, indeed, a land outside the bounds of the Copyright Accords.


Yesterday we hosted a friend, and visiting missionary, Kit Ripley for the day. Kit works with the New Life Center Foundation in Thailand.

Through the Wetland

There is an old family farm near Palmyra by the name of “Taylor’s Farm.” We used to take the nursery school students there every fall for pumpkin picking, and have always been impressed with how the family is intent on preserving the land.

Wind Test

My recent acquisition of a Tascam DR-40 has opened up a new realm of possibilities for me as a videographer. Now I’m able to capture decent audio to go along with my video, and I find myself wanting to re-engage with this art form.