A Holy Journey

I got a text from our local Lutheran pastor just before Lent this year, inquiring if Central might be willing to partner up for Holy Week worship.

Thawed River

I took this photo back on March 6. Back then the temperatures had begun to rise, and the Delaware had thawed out from it’s winter coat. It was a simpler time, before we got smacked by weeks of consecutive nor’easters 1. I came across it this evening as I was scrolling through my Lightroom Library….

An Apple Education?

On March 27 Apple held an event celebrating their role in education. During the keynote they demonstrated some slick tools for classroom integration, a new iPad, and announced updates for their iWork suite. If you happen to be into geeky things at all, it’s well-worth the time to watch. It’s no secret Apple has been…

Live Chat with Banebringer Author, Carol A. Park

Don’t forget to stop by tonight for a live chat with Carol A Park, author of Banebringer. The fun begins at 8:30 PM Eastern Time and the video should embed below 1 once I’ve begun the stream. If this does not happen, you can watch at the Painfully Hopeful Facebook page. Comments and questions are…

Down To The Sunset

Saturday’s sunset was beautiful, but my fellow shutter-hubbie 1 wasn’t able to join me. So we hoped we might get another chance to photograph a decent Sunset on Sunday. We got our wish. The wind had picked up a bit more than the previous night, but not so much it disrupted the wonderful reflection which…