I wrote this last night as the weariness of this world crept over me.

February Writing Update

My goal has been to get In the Land of the Penny Gnomes out as an eBook before baby number three is born this Spring. For some reason, however, most of my Mondays have been swallowed up by the rest of life. This left me little time to revise the novel and left me concerned…

Stuck In The Blame Game

A culture which leaves us unable to recognize when people are attempting to walk alongside us when we are suffering has a deep illness.

Social Media Pledge

Facebook has me feeling rather despondent about the nature of humanity, but as the word is in my blog title I feel compelled to hope anyway.

Kinda Tired

There are days and weeks when I feel how lost our culture is. This past week has been one of those times.

At The River

It was an unseasonable 70 degrees in the Philly area today, so when I got home I suggested to my son we head down to the river to photograph the Sunset.