Going Meta

My good friend Jamison has read a bit of In the Land of the Penny Gnomes and sent this message to me yesterday, “I also just finished Red Shirts so I see where you got some inspiration.”

LOST: In Space!

I spent the last few days plowing through Netflix’s ten episode reboot of Lost In Space. It was a fun romp, though not without some frustrations, and is well worth the time to view. What I enjoyed There is a lot to like in this show. The Characters While most of the characters are developed…

Bridge Building

I’m not much of an original visual artist. While I’m passable with basic 1 graphic design, for my vector files I tend to rely on elements traced from bitmaps 2. Original, from scratch, designs are pretty much beyond my skillset. But that doesn’t keep from from trying. Monday night I was looking over the agenda…

Kingdom Collision: Aiding and Abetting

To revolutionaries, Jesus’ character may seem like we’re “aiding and abetting” the enemy, enabling injustice and tyranny. The reality is something quite different. Showing mercy to our enemies displays the power and character of our Lord Jesus Christ, and challenges the legitimacy of worldly power itself.


I’m a fan of doorways in general, but photographs like this one are not my typical way of capturing them.