In Plain Sight

I took Bump on a walk to a pastoral visit on Thursday and because I was trying to keep the Sun out of the baby’s eyes I ended up taking a rather circuitous route. This led me to a rather interesting discovery.

A Night Display

I had my first opportunity I had to capture some fireworks photos with my Panasonic G7, the results were spectacular.

Sweet Sunset

The way the waning sunlight peaked through the caused it to appear thick, giving it an almost syrup-like texture as it fell to the Earth.

Just a smidge

The other night we had a sun shower hit just about the time of sunset. The light turned golden and I rushed down to the river hoping to be greeted with a rainbow. I didn’t have luck with that, but the view was still beautiful.

The End of Civility

Because of an unwise ideological decision on the part of the Supreme Court, ideological discrimination may very well wind up as the *norm* in the country.