A Change In Terms

My theology of worship is mystical. I can’t count the number of times I’ve mentioned it at Central over the years, but my theology is supported by the very space in which our community worships. Central’s stained glass is filled with images from the book of Revelation

I Can’t Take Social Media

I just can’t social media anymore. I’m not a very social person to begin with, but my stomach churns whenever I read my social feeds anymore. Especially Facebook. My Facebook feed is pretty much a endless slog of vomited anger and malice at this point.

Moving to On1

Last week Adobe decided to try an “experiment” with their Creative Cloud Photography plan which amounted to doubling the price for the service. I said, “No.” I enjoy Lightroom, I just can’t afford it. Enter On1 Photo Raw.

So Long, YouTube.tv

After YouTube.tv announced their recent price increase my wife an I decided it was time to shut down our account. We just couldn’t do it any more.

I admit, I’m a bit scared

Monday brought the news of yet another school shooting, this time not far from Columbine High School. I was working at a Middle School the day of the Columbine shooting. I remember the haunted looks on the teacher’s eyes at the Middle School where I worked the day the Columbine shooting took place.


I joke a lot about not wanting to be seen, but that’s not entirely true. I do want people to see me, but I’ve found time after time people would rather just tell me what I am. It leaves me feeling stranded.