Fireworks Photography

Thursday evening we headed to our friends for an annual get together before Riverton Country Club held their fireworks display. They live at an excellent vantage point for the show, so the past few years I’ve brought along a camera and tripod to capture some photos 1. This year I opted to shoot with just…

Status Issues

I often feel like an odd duck in my denomination. I’ve got no tribe.

A Real Crisis, Created By A Lie

As I was preparing for my presentations at the ABCUSA Biennial last Saturday, some news broke which made my blood boil. It’s a crisis created in my name, whether I wanted it or not. It can’t be allowed to stand.

Biennial Reflections

I got to teach a continuing education tract at the ABCUSA Biennial. I have a few reflections on the experience.

Pastoral Reflection

Sometimes you just need to share a reflection with the world. A recent memorial service was one of those times.

Changing My Computer

More and more I’m seeing an iPad that lets me work without any artificial speed bumps in my way, and I like it.