Nostalgia is a strange thing

I’ve loved Stranger Things from the moment it appeared on Netflix. The “New Coke” scene triggered an nostalgia wave I’m actually going to be able to reach out and touch.

Hanging on to hope

As I look at this world I recognize how easy it would be to give in to anger or hatred or despair, and please believe me when I say I feel all these things, but the void which surrounds that path repulses me. I need hope the way I need light to see.

Sometimes you just need a “this.”

It amazes me how having a “this” can make diaper changing time so much easier. It also amazes me how when adults loose their “this” they’re able to act much like toddlers.

Winning Isn’t Enough

As people in my circles have become increasingly alarmed over the rising tides of xenophobia and racism wash over the country I’ve been seeing the question, “What can we do?”


Forgiveness is a difficult thing. It’s difficult because we want to make it about the person we’re forgiving, but it’s really about who we are and who we serve.

A Spiritual Disease

Racism is a spiritual disease, does it have an analogy in medical science?