Affinity Publisher

For the past several years, I’ve been putting together ABCNJ’s Annual Directory in Adobe InDesign. It was a nice tool to use, especially for the type of data I needed to include, and had several features I required to make the layout work 1. Before the 6.0 redesign I’d been using Apple Pages for this…

Hopeful Grief

G0iving people permission to grieve may be one of the more important things I do in my role as both pastor and chaplain.

Exercising My Imagination

Over the past year it’s been difficult to write for this blog. Depression over the state of my culture is a big reason why.

Can we try something new?

We’ve had three acts of domestic terrorism in the past two week. Thirty-two people were killed simply because they were out living their lives. We keep playing the same shouting match game after events like these. It’s time for something new.

Deep and Simple

I’ll take deep and simple over complex but shallow any day of the week.