Fan Art!

This past Saturday a former congregant stopped by to a Church gathering 1 with a large envelope. She said hi and then handed me the envelope saying, “This is for you. I meant to give these to you months ago 2.”

I reached in the envelope and pulled out a drawing of a chip bag emblazoned with “Snack Like Nobody’s Business.” There was a stack of these to go along with it, each one more nuts than the last.

It’s my first fan art! I’m so happy! Thanks Mel!

Maple Calamari Chip Bag
Snack Like Nobody’s Business. Art by Melanie Johnson.

If you would like context for this particular image, check out my novel, In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes. It’s a good time to pick it up, as I just began writing the sequel.

  1. Outdoors and socially distanced. 
  2. The world exploded. 


  1. Oh my gosh that is soooooooo cool!!!!

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