Mirror Image

Sometimes, I just feel inadequate.  Actually, most times I feel inadequate.  Given the monumental task pastors face I honestly think this is perhaps the most healthy mind-set to have.  The trick is seeing the “L” and saying, “Yup, that’s me.  Please be real in me Jesus, ’cause I just can’t do this.”

The Modern Pastor

I’ve lamented for years that so much pastoral energy is spent on being nothing more than a mid-level manager for a dysfunctional organization. This is my tribute to the woes of the modern pastor, with a special thanks to Central Baptist Church for freeing me from this world. Now, I do need to work on…

Traditional Values

I came up with this comic after a hospital visit today that left me heartbroken.


Just a thought for the week after Pentecost…

Lessons Learned

Some ABCNJ notables on what they learned at Fanning the Flame.