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  1. My first thought to your new found comic media was “here we go again” with a roll of the eyes. They at first reminded me horribly of some of our outdated literature circa 1960s with badly drawn semi cartoons. (I’ve been scarred for life by some of them.)

    However, the more I see you messing with this, the more I’m finding it to be not bad and possibly useful. Specifically, there are a lot of people about now whose only method of reading is via manga. I was just thinking if you might not be on to something with these quick comics. Is there a way we can do something more engaging with them?

    Just a thought.

  2. I’m not entirely sure what I mean. The train of thought went something like this:

    Hey, these comics aren’t actually that bad. They remind me of manga. Lots of people read manga but don’t really read anything else. We just spent a lot of time talking about trying to reach people who aren’t traditional. …stupid cat what are you doing trying to jump onto my lap top! Get out of here you hairy shedding machine… Comics, right. I wonder if we could try and engage the manga and comics = reading types using this method? With the bible maybe….but it has to not be like most of the “outreach” literature. hrm…

    So…I don’t know. And that’s probably more about how my brain works than you wanted to know. 😀

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