Random Thoughts #131

It’s Wednesday. And so I am allowing you, the reader, to experience the tumult that is my mental process. These are random thoughts.

Random Thoughts #71

On Wednesdays I offer you, the reader, an unfortunate glimpse into my channel surfing mind. These are random thoughts.

Round One

Today I got my first dose of the CoVid-19 vaccine.

A Message For Pastors

I posted this on Facebook Christmas eve. I woke up just feeling weary and I needed to find a way to express that weariness. My first draft was a single sentence about my weariness, but I scrapped it. I figured it would serve as nothing but catharsis, and one of the things I’m sure of…

A Starry Sky

This past Friday my neighbor and I travelled to Long Beach Island (LBI) to try our hand at some astrophotography. Processing the images is more complex than I thought, but I managed to get some cool results.