Random Thoughts #71

On Wednesdays I offer you, the reader, an unfortunate glimpse into my channel surfing mind. These are random thoughts.

  1. It is good to see folks back in worship on Sunday. It’s also good to know that folks are still connecting at home.
  2. Over the last two weeks multiple pastors have made a statment like, “I’m going to need several months off after this.” I’m right there with them 1.
  3. I have made many encounter maps over the past month. It’s been a small bit of fun which breaks through the immense stress.
  4. Get the blasted vaccine.
  5. Hoagies are wonderful.
  6. People who enjoy thick cut cold cuts boggle my mind 2.
  7. People are sometimes taken aback by how honest I am in my writing, even wondering how I “get away” with it. I’m just authentic with who I am, I don’t use my writing to settle scores so I folks tend to not be threatened if they feel different, and I figure if I’m honest this way it can free others to do likewise. To me, that’s just healthy.
  8. Why do people get angry at folks who try to create supportive and kind communities when something doesn’t happen they way they want? This confuses me.
  9. I have a little over a month until we get away on vacation. People keep sharing pictures of beaches and scenes from other states and I feel physical pain from the need to get out of here. I love Central, my town, and my neighborhood—but I want to wake up not “at work.”
  10. I’m glad the Sun is setting later, it means I can get out and take Sunset images after Bump goes down for the night.
  11. No combat for the Murder Hobos on Monday night, I suppose they wanted to try new things.

  1. And, yes, medical workers, teachers, and first responders are at that point even more than pastors. The PTSD will be spread far and wide.  ↩

  2. And people’s idea of “thin cut” outside the Philly/Lancaster area is “thick” to us. If it ain’t falling apart it’s sliced wrong.  ↩