A Journey’s End

After a decade and a half of service, today is my final day as a member of the ABCNJ Regional Ministry Team.

Music Which Inspires — Baba Yetu

The past few days I’ve been playing a song called “Baba Yetu” on repeat whenever I’ve been driving. It’s a stunning chorale rendition of the Lord’s Prayer, sung in Swahili and developed using African intonation and rhythm.

Tension Breaker, Had To Be Done

This past Saturday ABCNJ held their Annual Session. I’m always stressed during the program, so tension breakers are in order.

The Pause I Don’t Like

ABCNJ has drowning in event planning for months, and it’s been my sole focus as a member of the team. Now that everything is ready, I have to wait a few days until we get to unveil what we’ve made. I don’t like the waiting.

Does It Blend?

Yesterday was ABCNJ’s Annual Session, which always does funny things to by blood pressure. But one thing is do appreciate is the wide swath of people who come out to the event.

Back At It Again

I’m back at ABCNJ’s Annual Session. The culmination of months of preparation has almost come.