Back At It Again

Today and tomorrow mark ABCNJ’s Annual Session Weekend. These two days mark the culmination of a full year of planning, six months of which are “all acceleration, all the time.”

The ABCNJ team which works on Annual Session — handling registrations 1, scheduling the speakers, negotiating with the venue(s) and vendors, preparing data for our annual directory, and mapping out the schedule of the day — is second to none. Folks work hard, and manage to have a good time doing it 2. Over the last six months I’ve been part of this work creating print layouts, mass emails, video presentations, logos, and a custom Keynote theme 3. It’s a stressful build-up, but soon it’ll all be over 4.

So this is where I’ll be for the rest of Friday and all of Saturday. If you’re so inclined please pray the day will be beneficial for those who both attend and participate.

Pastors share stories at ABCNJ Academy at Annual Session
The diversity of ABCNJ always impresses me. During our Academy session pastors were asked to share stories with those nearby. There wasn’t a single homogeneous table.

  1. We use Eventbrite, but people like calling the office and having someone else fill out the form. 
  2. Most of the time. 
  3. If it’s digital, I do it. 
  4. Until next year.