Standing Still

I have a fascination with birds. One which I don’t delve into much because once I start going down a rabbit hole I don’t tend to stop. I do, however, love to watch them move and am fascinated by any photographs I can take of them 1. Yesterday was one such moment of fascination. The…

New Year’s Walk

It was an unseasonably warm beginning to the new year in the Delaware Valley [^1], so I decided I had to get out with my camera to take some pictures.

An Adapted Lens

I tested out an old t-mount reflex lens on my Panasonic G7


Colder weather has settled back in to our area, so I wanted to celebrate our unexpected Spring with an image from warmer days. This mated pair of mallards happened to be at the perfect spot for us to capture their image. The Sun was at a terrific angle, so I didn’t have to do too…

A windy night

On Monday night my neighbor and I headed down the the river to see what we could see. It had been a brilliant blue day but as evening arrived a thick bank of clouds rolled in, accompanied with strong winds. The river was choppy and almost devoid of traffic, but the sky was filled. Around…