New Year’s Walk


It was an unseasonably warm beginning to the new year in the Delaware Valley 1, so I decided I had to get out with my camera to take some pictures. It’s been pretty miserable weather around here lately, and I spent much of my vacation on my back-side. Stretching my legs felt really good. It was also a good opportunity to get out with my adapted Minolta 80-200 mm lens.

The warm weather also brought some sights I’d not though I’d see in January. A full bird feeder was almost swarming with a number of birds, stocking up on food. While I remain committed to capturing our local cardinal with a decent image this winter 2 bird-watching in general isn’t something I’ve ever given much thought to. I may even have to find our old bird feeder and set it up.

A bird feasts at a bird feeder on New Year’s Day
Panasonic G7 with adapted 80-200 mm Minolta MD lens • ISO 400 • 1/200 sec

  1. Unlike last year, which was unseasonably cold. We’re nothing if not inconsistent. 
  2. That animal taunts me.