Mile Marker

I captured this photo on a walk last week. I’ve lived in this town for fifteen years and walked down that road dozens of times, but I have not once noticed this mile marker.

The Musician

One Sunday, prior to worship, I entered into one of Central’s congregating areas and found one of our congregational musicians seated on a pew in a most striking pose.


I was perched up on the small retaining wall around the church lawn, looking down toward to steeple of the nearby Methodist church down the street. There was something about the way the street sign played off the distant steeple which peaked my interest, and I thought it might be a keeper.

Log On A Wall

This is another photograph from my Tuesday up at Camp Lebanon.

In Fog

This morning South Jersey was covered in a stunning fog. So, after dropping my wife off at work, I grabbed my camera and headed up to take some photos.

Tangled Web

The photo below is from my Saturday photo walk. There was an old catamaran down by the Riverton boat house, and I strolled over to capture the vessel with my camera. There I discovered the spider web depicted below. It had rained the night before, and the web hadn’t been exposed to sunlight by the…