Fall Blanket

This past Tuesday I found myself at my region’s summer camp, Baptist Camp Lebanon. I grabbed a ride with some of my fellow teammates for a staff retreat and arrived an hour early, which I didn’t mind one bit. I attached my 40 mm lens to my camera and took a walk.

Slow Down

This week and next are the type of weeks which my soul dreads.

Party Time

Saturday night Central Baptist held its third annual Chili Cook Off. We hold this in support of our region’s Summer camp, Baptist Camp Lebanon, and all proceeds go toward an endowment campaign. Lebanon is a wonderful place, but camping is not a way to make money. The camp is annual money-loser, but if they were…

Camp Netop

Camp Netop was a summer camp operated by a friend of my mom’s family for many years.  My uncles all went to it, and when my cousins and I came of age we all travelled up to Maine for our own Netop experiences.  I had many high’s there, and a few lows, but to this…