Party Time

Saturday night Central Baptist held its third annual Chili Cook Off. We hold this in support of our region’s Summer camp, Baptist Camp Lebanon, and all proceeds go toward an endowment campaign.

Lebanon is a wonderful place, but camping is not a way to make money. The camp is annual money-loser, but if they were to charge what it actually cost to give children the experience of Summer Camp no one would be able to afford to come! Because of this many regions are selling off their camps, choosing a short-term financial infusion over long-term impact. ABCNJ didn’t want to go the same route, hence the need for an endowment.

The “Cedars of Lebanon 2020” campaign was established to raise $2,020,000 by the year 2020. This will establish the camp for years to come, and dividends will keep costs affordable for families. Central has been proud to be a partner in this endeavor.

Proceeds at our cook off are generated two ways.

First, of course, are ticket sales 1.

The second is collected through voting. At Central, we practice good American democracy — our votes are for sale! Each ticket comes with one vote — and then votes are sold at one dollar each, or fifteen for ten dollars. It is, of course, all a farce. But it’s fun to see people attempting to buy enough votes to assure they’ll “win.”

Some of our neighbors have also become involved, and one has insisted he’s been a judge since the event’s inception 2. This year he made it official and had a trophy made up to be awarded to the chili he believed was best. Dubbed “The Ancker” 3, this bowl will have the winner’s name engraved on the side and be left on display at the church. The image below shows how much chili he had to eat in order to come up with this decision!

Our judge, awarded of The Ancker
This year we raised $1358, which is not bad for a church our size. If you’d like to contribute to the campaign, you can do so through ABCNJ’s on-line giving. Just type “Cedars of Lebanon” in the note line.

  1. Fifteen dollars is a small price to pay for all you can eat chili! 
  2. It’s best just to humor him. 
  3. His last name. 

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    What a great result. Thank you, Central palmyra!

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