Meh-ry Christmas

I feel “meh” this Christmas. Two years of Covid, no one over, family health issues, ever increasing derranged thinking by folks, and watching injustice “win” in so many ways has taken its toll. I know, in so many ways, I have things really good—close friends, a loving community, Jen is doing OK, and our needs…

Home for the Holiday

This week I am technically “on vacation,” though I’m not sure that means anything in pandemic-land.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone. Thanks for taking the Painfully Hopeful journey with me.

Radiant Damage

I’m not the biggest fan of the carol, “Silent Night.” I don’t hate it, there has always been a line in that carol which makes my head spin and my brain explode.

Pastoring During the Pandemic

Pastoring during the pandemic has been a challenge. And pastors have responded to this challenge in different ways.

Christmas, A Defiant Hope

Advent is a season that I call the “Painful Hope.” But on Christmas, like Easter a bit later in the year, something amazing happens.