Home for the Holiday

Christmas Day, and the first Sunday in Christmas, have passed. To say this has been a strange holiday season is yet another 2020 understatement. I, who cannot stand the christmas shopping season, missed hustle, bustle, and getting together with folks. The normal holiday glut of socialization leaves me exhausted, true, but all I ever wanted in the season was a happy medium! Alas, it seems December celebrations don’t have a dimmer switch. They are either off or on, there is nothing in between.

This week I am technically “on vacation,” though I’m not sure that means anything in pandemic-land. There’s nowhere to go, and I’ve still got things to do for Worship on Sunday. It’s difficult to find guest preachers willing to pre-record a sermon, and as I own the streaming computer I kinda need to stick around 1.

I’ll probably spend Bump’s nap time writing The Darned Conspiracy so I can get ahead of Fiction Tuesday a bit. And on New Year’s Eve I’m going to run the first Session of Howlmark. I’ve got some things I want to add to the Adventure to get it ready, so that will take some time. The rest of the week will be spent walking around town with Bump or, more likely, running around the Church lot after him 2. And, that’s it. Hopefully I’ll get outside a bit around 4 O’Clock and take some photos during “golden hour,” but there’s not much else on the docket.

I am so looking forward to kicking 2020 in the rear-end as it goes out the door.

  1. For the record, my meditation for Sunday is already written, I’m going to pre-record it this week. I’d be happy to teach someone to use the Mevo and run a basic stream that way, but I’m trying to keep as many faces visible as possible during worship and a number of our folks submit videos of their readings because they aren’t comfortable coming to the Sanctuary right now. This means we need to run the stream through OBS. 
  2. Bump likes to play “Hide and Seek,” but he doesn’t have the hiding part down yet when we’re outside. Indoors he’s a ninja.