Staying Connected

We’re physically distanced, the call to care for one another still applies.

Biennial Reflections

I got to teach a continuing education tract at the ABCUSA Biennial. I have a few reflections on the experience.

A Change In Terms

My theology of worship is mystical. I can’t count the number of times I’ve mentioned it at Central over the years, but my theology is supported by the very space in which our community worships. Central’s stained glass is filled with images from the book of Revelation

A Holy Journey

I got a text from our local Lutheran pastor just before Lent this year, inquiring if Central might be willing to partner up for Holy Week worship.

Advice to Churches, Part 4: Live in Tension

The local Church is the Hope of the world 1. I hear this phrase uttered in churchy settings from time to time, mostly by pastors who came of age in the height of the “seeker sensitive” movement in the 80’s and 90’s. Every time I hear it I cringe. Not only is this message wrong,…