Advice to Churches, Part 3: Be Playful

There’s a popular image of Christians portraying us as dour and miserable. It’s not *always accurate, but it does come from a very real attribute.

Advice to Churches, Part 2: Don’t Do It All

I’ve been involved in small churches for my entire Christian journey. For much of that journey I’ve watched Christians gazing at larger churches and pining over the “bigness” of them.

Advice to Churches, Part 1: Worship

I hear the idea all the time. The reason why churches ramp up the production values of worship to rival a great theatre or concert is because “that’s what young people want.” Laying aside the question if this really is “what young people want,” think about what this statement says about worship. It’s true value…

Morning Pause

Sunday mornings are a bit odd for me. I love worship, but getting to the opening of our worship time takes a bit of work. I go over my sermon, check my slides, set up our project and computer, make sure the heat it working, and then greet folks as they come into the building…

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