I love my kids, and I gladly care for them when they are sick. But I have noticed if I make a sound they become aware of my presence and have a sudden need which must be fulfilled. It’s usually just something to remind them they aren’t alone, but I confess my inner introvert has…


I don’t have much to say on this one. Any pastor can relate to the existence of “drifters.” People in a hopeless search for a perfect community in which they don’t have to feel any tension. Unfortunately for drifters, the tension 1 we feel in community is partly how the Holy Spirit leads us into…


I do kinda like people 1, but I adore silence. I’m not the type of person who enjoys background noise, I find it incredibly distracting. Other writers have “writing playlists,” I don’t understand the concept. This becomes fun when I’m attempting to concentrate on something in a group setting, especially with people who process vocally….

A Comic Workflow

With the demise of the dearly departed ToonPaint 1 I needed to consider a new workflow in order to post comics in 2017. After some searching, I’ve found a workflow which allows me to create a close approximation to the comics I made using the older tool. I create my line artwork using a nice…


Today I tackle one of the great mysteries of my life. No matter what I am carrying, my keys will always end up in the pocket which requires me to put everything down before I can reach them. It’s maddening.