Marvel’s Daredevil – Wow

Last night I finished watching the first season of Daredevil on Netflix. The show is quite remarkable, and this is a fantastic rendition of the character. Daredevil is rated TV-MA, and it certainly earns this designation. The show deals with significant issues like drugs, human trafficking, and organized crime. It is violent, and fights have…

Can I get a witless?

The moral of the this comic is quite simple, “Never teach someone with ADD the art of ‘active listening.’” Actually, I have had a couple of people tell me how witty I am in the past couple of months.  Other folks have remarked that they find me “funny.” These are designations which I actually find…


I will often appear to be “out of it.” Sometimes I’m just wiped out from worship, allergies, or illness. Sometimes I’m just “out there” pondering the existence of the universe (or pretending certain household items are spaceships in a battle for survival – don’t ask). It’s usually difficult to figure out the reason why I’m…

Unfortunate Misunderstandings

Christians often mean well, but we are often so immersed in our world and our lingo that we fail to see how we are being perceived by the people we are attempting to communicate with. This comic is memorial to all the tragic misunderstandings we Christians have caused over the years.


We say we trust in the LORD for our lives. I think we show too often, however, that we really believe in the power of marketing.


People seem to think I know what I’m doing. The truth is, I’m just willing to fall on my face to see if something “works.” That’s half the fun (and much of the agony).