Going Remote–An Idea For Teachers

On August 13, the Palmyra School Board voted to begin our school year all online. This was the right call to make, as there are too many unknowns and the mitigation strategies put in place at schools would be terrifying for younger students, but it does stink. Our education system was in need of a…

New Flights

The CoVid-19 pandemic has forced a number of churches to pursue new avenues for discipleship which leverages the world in which we live.

End of the Month

Yesterday was the last of the four Sunday’s I had off in a row. It’s the longest I’ve gone between sermons since 2001, so in a way it was much like a mini-sabbatical. I more ways, it was not. This was the strangest vacation I’ve ever had.

One Day

Because so many plans got screwed up this past Spring, I’m on vacation this month. To be honest, it feels a bit weird.

The Wrong Lesson

I’ve seen several different versions of Christians using memes which try shaming people into coming “back to church.” It’s beyond infuriating, it’s stupid.

Random Thoughts #23

It’s Wednesday, random thoughts time, with appearances from UPS disappointment and blatant idolatry.