Get Vaccinated


One of the troubling points of data throughout this pandemic have been the consistent numbers showing that religious folks, and particularly conservative religious folks, refuse to do anything to combat the disease. They won’t wear masks, they refuse to social distance, and reject the vaccine. The refrain is always about “my rights”“ and “what I want.”

So much for loving one’s neighbor.

I felt I needed to do something when, just before Easter, polls came out which continued to show that religious folks may end up being the tipping point that helps our country reach herd immunity. So for the last couple of weeks I’ve been going around videoing pastors encouraging folks to get vaccinated.

Let’s end the pandemic, let’s love our neighbors, let’s stop turning a public health crisis into an ideological football. Get the vaccine, wear a mask, and make this about our neighbors instead of us.

There’s a commandment about doing this, after all.