World Building

I’ve been pondering the cultural situation for the World of Frosden, which is where I’m planning on setting up my larger D&D campaign. I enjoy world-building, so here’s part of the story of the World of Frosden, and the Continent of Elbren.

Introducing Meditative Fiction

I’ve been pondering creative ways to do some guided meditation on Scripture for a long while, and the the combination of the pandemic and resignation from my communications gig has spurred my pondering toward implementation. I’m rather excited to see what will come from this, and I’ve included the introduction below. The preliminary print layout…

Feeling Purple

Lent arrives rather late this year, but I’m already working on a number of Lent-themed projects.


I got bored, so I finally got around to creating a watermark for myself.

Exercising My Imagination

Over the past year it’s been difficult to write for this blog. Depression over the state of my culture is a big reason why.