Feeling Purple


Lent arrives rather late this year, but I’m already working on a number of Lent-themed projects. One of these is displayed below. This may, or may not be, used as the cover for a Lenten Devotional I’m formatting for an organization. I created it in Affinity Designer, and figuring out the best way to add a texture to the purple cloth was a fun exercise.

I know a number of people think of Lent as a rather maudlin time, but I’m looking forward to it. This year more than in recent memory. Sometimes its good to go into the wilderness and be sustained by the grace of God.
Cross draped in a purple cloth for Lent.



  1. chrisjwilson says:

    Very nice. I can certainly see the royal purple connection with Easter.

    1. wezlo says:

      It is interesting that purple would be the liturgical color for a season of penance.

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