Short Story Friday–The View

The Acolyte’s eyes stung from the sweat which was dripping off his forehead. He wasn’t adverse to hard work, which was all Acolytes knew, but the climb was arduous.

Holy Solitude, An Accordance Module Review

Lent may be my favorite season of the Liturgical year, so I jumped when Accordance offered me a copy of Holy Solitude, by Heidi Haverkamp, in exchange for an honest review.

Next Project? A Lenten Devotional

I’ve been mapping out my sequel to In the Land of the Penny Gnomes for the past several weeks, but yesterday I came up with another project which will incorporate short-form fiction 1 – A Lenten devotional. My idea is to write one short piece of fiction, probably under 1000 words 2 for each week…

Falling into Goodness

Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, and many Western Christians are wondering how they will mark this holy season 1. In light of the impending season, Accordance Bible Software is making several Lenten devotionals available through their store. As a way of highlighting these resources I was offered a gratis copy 2 of Falling into…

Facing the Wind – Introduction

Below is a rough draft of my introduction to the devotional study I’m writing on the Holy Spirit, entitled Facing the Wind.  I share it with you, my readers, for two reasons.  First, to spark interest among the folks from Central Baptist who will be going through the study at some point in the coming…